water walking ball, the cheap and funny water game.


Water walking ball, the colorful inflatable ball, is cheap and funny. When you play on the water walking ball, you will feel a lot of resistance when you walk on the water, and the balance is difficult to control. If you walk a few steps, you will fall down, but you won’t get hurt, it’s very funny. In summer, many people want to play in the pool or water park. Water walking ball is a good choice for them. It can make you catch the feeling of walking on the water.

water walking ball
Our water walking ball uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless materials, which fully protects the health of the visitors.

water walking ball

Attention to the use of water walking ball:
1, Visitors should not carry sharp and hard articles (such as knives, scissors, keys, etc.) to play this product, in the process of use, the hard objects should be avoided to pierce the product.
2, People with high blood pressure, heart disease and alcoholism are not suitable for this product.
3, Each walk on the water must not exceed 2 visitors each time, and the time stay in the ball should be controlled within 10 minutes each times.
4, Each ball needs to be tied up with safety rope. The operator should pay close attention to the situation of the field. When finding abnormal, use the safety rope or use other ways to quickly pull the ball and visitors to the shore, so as to ensure the safety of personnel.
5, Visitors up and down, should be in the special platform, not in other places to stop

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