Water Park Solutions From Design to Operation

Create the Demount-able Swimming Pool Water Park to be a Comprehensively Profitable Project (Return on Investment-ROI)

The demount-able swimming pool is not the only advantage of ours. The most important advantage is the solution to make sure the water park operating successfully, which involves research on the site, overall plan on the water park, function design of all details, products packages. And certainly, the solution is oriented by markets.

After doing research on a specific city, we provide the water-park proprietors a professional proposal, which includes advertising, ticket fare, team-establishment/management, equipment-building/maintenance, a reasonable operation procedures, security-guarantee and safety precaution, etc.

demount-able swimming pool water park solutions

Our services are to help proprietors maximize their ROI and make sure the water park is in the best controlling-besides the basic turnover from the ticket sales, a comprehensive development should be keeping on going by “the number of admissions, visitor satisfaction and profit” to make a highest turnover and ROI:

  1. Ticket revenue

Waiting for visitors to come ticket booth? Not anymore! Advertising by all kinds of ways to maximizing attract visitors: Groups buying in advance, online group-buying, monthly tickets, multi-entrance tickets, family ticket and couple ticket.

  1. Swimming training course income

Swimming training course with professional coach, teaching forms includes adults class, children class and one-to-one. 11-12 trainees for a class. Training time would better in the morning, when the visitor flow is not too high. Based on a specific city, the training fee can be range from $50 to $140.

  1. Proprietary sales revenue

Based on the visitors, different kinds of venues for selling or leasing should be developed, such as swimming gear, children’s toys, catering and fast food. The per-day income of venues for selling or leasing.

  1. Venues booth incomes

in addition to those self-booth, but also can for outdoor renting, estimate can rent 30-50 booths, each booth position 3mx3m advertising tent as the reference standard. Earnings can be divided into the booth fee charged form, do not accept booth fee can be divided into form and a combination of booth methods,

  1. Incomes from TV activities programs naming rights

In the form of cooperation with the local TV station, to sell the activities within the venue naming rights, and to do all kinds of local businesses with companies, real estate companies and medical institutions.

  1. Combination activity within field income

Drink, food, electron, finance, communication company and so on held activity in park area, we can charge according to activity session. Meanwhile, it also can increase popularity of park.

  1. Advertisement income

Inside and outside park advertisement for renting.

  1. New way income in future

Through VANCEN constant working on extending brand name, all kinds of new project will come out then can guarantee popularity of park and profit of alliance business, create specially more multi-choice, and valuable marketing platform.


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