The difference between the price of the inflatable castle

Inflatable products, with the increasing market demand, have increased many kinds of children inflatable and inflatable products manufacturers. The product has developed from the simplest inflatable castle and inflatable slide, and now there are lots of novelty inflatable games.

The difference between the price of the inflatable castle

Increasing manufacturers and increasing the style of inflatable products is a good thing for many investors engaged in the children’s inflatable park. After all, the manufacturers are many, the products are rich, and the price will be lower.
This looks like a good thing, but many manufacturers, prices are uneven, the same type of product prices with the same specifications will have a gap, it is a very headache for investors to choose the product.
I believe a lot of people should choose the same price, but is it the first choice for low price? Let us take as an example a bouncy castle causes a price below this.But is it really should we choice the low price firstly? Let’s take an inflatable castle as an example to analyze why the same product price is high or low.

1. The cost of material is different
Inflatable castle is produced by PVC tarpaulin. But some manufacturers may choose a relatively low price of ordinary PVC, some manufacturers will import or use the domestic excellent Platon PVC tarpaulin from abroad, the price is relatively expensive.

2. The cost of production is different
Also, the production of a product, some manufacturers in the production process of strict requirements, procurement of excellent advanced production equipment, and the need to spend high price to hire skilled master. On the contrary, some of them may be able to produce such products by ordinary second-hand production equipment. But on the cost, it is obvious that the former is much higher.

3. Different operating costs
It is also the production and operation, but some factories have large area, high rent, many employees and more operating expenses. Some manufacturers have small area, the rent is relatively cheap, the number is not much, and the operation of relative expenses is less. Obviously, the former has much more business cost than the second.

4. The cost of after sale is different
Some manufacturers have good after-sales service and strong implementation of after-sale guarantee.Some manufacturers may have two face before sale and after sale, and even refuse to do after sale service. Some believe that the cost of after sale is not high, in fact, it is not, this kind of large inflatable games truly after-sales cost is relatively many, the need for manpower and material resources, a goods return can produce big cost. Compared with the two, it is clear that the cost of the former is high.

From the above four points, we can answer that in a same product, why a manufacturer can be much lower than the other manufacturer.. Finally, how to choose is decided by the investor. Excessive pursuit of price preferences is not always a good choice.

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