Safety Management Of Inflatable Water Park

Today we want to share the safety management of inflatable water park. As we all know, the annual operating time of the mobile water park is only about 100 days, and investors can fully realize the profitability by only fully grasping this time and doing all the work of the mobile water park!

Safety is the most important, and it is the same in any industry. Therefore, as a mobile water park investor, safety management should be paid attention to in all work! So how do investors do the safety management of mobile water parks? As a professional manufacturer of mobile water parks, we believe that the safety management of mobile water parks mainly includes the following aspects:

1, Formulate and implement strict safety management system for mobile water park facilities;

2, the introduction of the management system. The introduction of ISO9001 and other management systems and certification, is currently the choice of a mature large-scale mobile water park. Through the introduction of the management system, the identification and risk assessment of hazard sources and the control and improvement of important risks are completed.

3, Daily safety inspection system for mobile water park facilities. The daily safety inspection of the mobile water park includes: the operation status of various water park equipment, structural stability status, water flow rate, flow rate status, etc.;

4, Set up a water park security team. The duties of the security team are mainly to discuss, analyze, inspect, supervise the implementation of various security systems and the handling of security incidents, conduct system inspections on the mobile water park park, conduct spot checks on the site, and supervise the implementation of security rectification measures.

5, Introduce external safety assessment and higher level Water lifesaving management.

6, Collect safety information during the operation period and carry out targeted rectification during the closed period of the mobile water park.

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