Bouncy castle need to be cleaned, how should we do it?

bouncy castle

In general, we can see that when the children are playing on the bouncy castle, the operators will ask for the children to take off their shoes and so on when they play. But because there are too many people to play, they still get dirty. If we don’t cleans the bouncy castle, kids play for a while. Clean hands will soon be dirty. In this situation, parents will worry anyway.

So there must be a need to clean the bouncy castle, so how is it the right way to clean it?

bouncy castle

First of all, we known that the bouncy castle is made by PVC tarpaulin, and the PVC material has a certain acid and alkaline resistance. However, the best way is to use clean water and neutral detergent to clean, of course, warm water is better for decontamination.

Secondly, the use of inflatable castle sewing line is different from inflatable water slide. So cleaning don’t too frequent. Once a month or cleaning according to one’s own condition, and must pay attention not to let too much moisture on the rag.

After cleaning the bouncy castle, must make it dry, which avoids the wet fracture of the suture.

After the bouncy castle is cleaned, the product is refreshed and clean. And the children are more happy to play, and the parents are more assured.


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