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The following instructions should help you to make minor repairs yourself.

  • If your product loses pressure, then make sure the valve is not loose.

  • Use the valve key (repair tool box) to make sure the valve is tight.

  • To check the product for holes, sprinkle it with soapy water.

  • Clean the before gluing area around the hole and the PVC.

  • After applying glue, stick the same color PVC material on the product.

  • Warm the adhesive with a hot air dryer until it is sticky again.

    NOTE : Be careful that the temperature is not too high is high. The max. Temperature is 80 to 90 ° C!

  • Press the pvc patch with one flat tool on the marked area fixed.


To increase the life of the products and to ensure their proper functioning,we recommend that you regularly inspect the products and clean them if necessary.

  • Clean the products regularly with clear water to avoid that the chlorine attacks the PVC

  • Before the products are stored, it is veryimportant that they are completely dry toprevent mold growth.

  • Empty the products with the electric pumpcompletely until it is no more air inside the products

  • Fold the products carefully together (at least two persons required).

  • Close the valve before folding the product to ensure that the vacuum is maintained.

    NOTE :Do not pull the product on the floor,pulling heavy products on the ground will be cause damage!

  • Put the products in the transport bags and store them in a dry place.

    NOTE : If you have enough space for storage, you can use yours store products when inflated.