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Inflatable Arch for Advertsing

Inflatable arch is light, easy to carry and easy to place. After deflation and floding, it can save a lot of space. Inflatable arches are customarily 10′ to 20′ high and 15’ to 30’ wide when inflated and often used as entrances to events or as ad space and mile markers for races. Normally it can be used for promotion, exhibition, advertisment, outdoor event, start/end line, wedding party, and so on, bring with strong advertisement effect. It is both beautiful and durable. 

In the branding and promotion, inflatable arch has an irreplaceable role in advertising and is easy to form a lively activity scenes.

Its appearance can mobilize people’s curiosity and shopping desire. By showing the tall and vivid shape, inflatable archway bring a strong visual impact and a relaxed atmosphere, deepening the people’s image and brand awareness, which has played a better publicity.