Inflatable water park profit points, the fourth point is particularly easy to be ignored.

In hot weather summer, do not want to stay in the air-conditioned room the preferred place to go is the place where there have water – portable water park, many experience people know that portable water park is fun and exciting, and the gameplay is diverse, suitable for a wide range of people. Although the summer is hot, it is a good season to play with water and joy. It is these people’s actual needs that make the portable water park market expand. Today, VANCEN will share the details of increasing the profit of the portable water park to Investors and operators.

1. Ticket income, ticket income is the main source of profit for water parks. Investors can plan different ticket prices for adults, children, families, teams, etc., and can also formulate monthly cards, membership cards, etc., to attract surrounding people to repeat consumption. At the same time, in the early days of the opening of the park, we can do some activities through the multimedia platform: such as Facebook and Twitter to send tickets, etc., thus opening up the familiarity of the park to attract tourists.

2. The addition of food and drinking areas; tourists in the park after a vigorous water activities, will be very easy to get fatigue, extremely prone to hunger and hunger, this time they need to replenish energy, thus producing a catering Secondary consumption demand. Therefore, the water park can set up multiple levels of dining spots for different needs in the park. Try to provide visitors with personalized services and more rich food choices.

3. Swimwear, swimming laps, water guns and other consumer areas, not only enriched the fun of the water park and increased the profit.

4. Increase leisure and health care items, such as fish therapy, so that people can relax after the carnival.

5. The park can be embedded with advertisements for mutual benefit.

6. Carry out some swimming training services. Whenever summer vacations, many students and children are idle at home, and parents will want them to learn some skills. We can carry out related training services, only need to hire a coach, and have a free venue, which can be said to be an ultra-low investment, but the return is very rich.

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