Novice waterpark investors need to know how to maximize profits.

It is well known that mobile water park has become a hot investment project in summer due to its advantages of small investment, fast income and convenient installation and maintenance. As a one-stop service enterprise of China mobile water park, Vancen Industrial Limited has made the following analysis on the profit of mobile water park through the market survey in these years. As novice waterpark investors these must be clear, can easily invest!

The first is the revenue analysis of tickets. Mobile water park tickets are generally set at around $15, so visitors are also easy to accept. We conservatively estimate that the average number of visitors per day is about 1,000, in a 60-day operating season, tickets alone bring in about $900,000.

Second, as a mobile water park investor, in addition to ticket income, some sideline income must be fully taken into account! Now that people have come to your mobile water park, it’s time to entertain, eat, and play. The game equipment inside the park has, the delicious good drink also should have! As a result, drinks, ice cream, baked sausage, specialty snacks, toys, swimsuits, souvenirs and so on are indispensable things in the park.And this part of the income can not be ignored! Imagine this part per capita consumption in terms of $5, a operating season can up to $300,000. Of course, investors can also rent out these stalls, from which a certain booth fee!

And then there’s the revenue from AD sponsorship! So big a water park, the summer of phlogistic sure is not little popular! And some businessmen are looking at the popularity of this popularity! Therefore, as investors can set up advertising space, image exhibition space, etc. in the park to sell to these businesses for profit!

In addition, investors can conduct children’s swimming training courses in the frame pool and cooperate with the event company etc. to gain profits.

Through the analysis of the above three aspects, I believe some novice novice waterpark investors have a clear understanding of the profit mode of mobile water park, and I hope it can be helpful in the subsequent operation process!

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