Mobile water park safety how to be ensured?

mobile water park

The safety of the mobile water park not only refers to the safety of the equipment, but also includes the safety of the visitors, the safety of the whole park and so on. Now, let’s find out how to ensure the safety of the entire park in the water park.

mobile water park

1, ensure the safety of water quality
During the visitor play on the mobile water park, the most contact is water. So investors should put the water quality in the first place. In strict accordance with the instructions, the water quality is tested and processed regularly to ensure the clean and hygienic quality of the water.

2. Check if there is a sharp object
Investors need to see if there are any sharp or angled objects in the mobile water park every day to avoid the careless fall and injured of the tourists. The hard objects should be softened and the angle should passivated for these objects.

3. Measures the anti skid in the field should be done
Because the mobile water park is taking water as the carrier, the visitors in and out of bracket pool or inflatable pool will inevitably bring out some water, so there will be some water around the pool, where investors need put some protection, in order to avoid accidentally slipping tourists!

4. Configure the water lifesaving equipment
The height of the frame swimming pool is higher and deeper than the inflatable pool。 Therefore, the frame swimming pool to be equipped with a sufficient number of water-based life-saving equipment, such as lifebuoys, life jackets, life-saving rod, etc., to prevent the occurrence of accidents. In addition, it is also necessary to give safety tips before visitors enter the water, and it is suggested that the non swimmers will carry the lifesaving equipment into the water.


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