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Product construction

DETAIL (construction)

The following show how to build your products.

  • Put the product in a stable place and spread it out.

  • Open all valves.

  • Using blowers / air pump inflate the product.

    NOTE: After air pump using,pls close the valve immediately after removing the hose.

  • Carry the product into the water.
    Use multiple people.

    NOTE: 1. Avoid damage to the product!
    2.Do not pull the product on the floor, pulling heavy products on the ground will be cause damage!

  • Bungee cord /anchor sacks fixing.

  • There is a Velcro between the two products, and a pair of D rings to connecting.

  • Connecting belt in the water to fix the product.

  • Cover the two product areas with the safety connection apron.

    NOTE :  We marked a arrows in middle of  the safety connection apron of the product.


DETAIL (anchoring)

There are several ways to anchor the products in a swimming pool. If you have bungees cord to use, do the following.

  • Be careful that you are horizontal anchoring 3m / 10 'Use bungees.

    NOTE  Bungees are not the right choice for products from which one slips or jumps into the water.

  • Connect the bungees cord to the D-ring

  • Position the combination in the water.Connect the bungee cords to the Connection belt at the attachment point at the edge of the pool.Pull on the strap until it is sufficient tension has to position the bungee cords to keep.

    NOTE: When the distance of the products to the attachment point on the Pool edge is more than 3m / 10 ', use the strap with the loop (5m / 16 ').

  • If use the extension with the belt and loop (5m / 16 ') need to connect this strapfirst with the bungee cords.

  • As an alternative to horizontal anchoring with bungees you can also use pool booms or anchor bags use. Please note: Action Tower XL, Slope and RodeoSlide can only use pool booms or anchor bags are anchored.