How many kinds of inflatable water toys are included in the water games

How many kinds of inflatable water toys are included in the water games

Water games is the party in the water, party of the water! The games has room for 8 with cup holders all around and a comfortable mesh bottom surface. Sitting on the mesh you can enjoy the inflated contoured backrests in the water, or sit on the floating platform portion and just let your toes go for a dip for the water. The water park is a party and anything goes!

Water games is always mentioned in our words.But do you know how many kinds of inflatable water toys are included in the water games? Inflatable water tube,flying fish,iceberg,banana boat,seesaw,trampoline,water slide,bumper boat,paddle boat ,inflatable water pillow and inflatable UFO ,all of these are included in the inflatable water park games.By the way,some customer designs can also be done if needed.

1.Inflatable floating water slide ,a mini kind of water slides.

water toys water games

2.Inflatable ice burg in different colors and sizes.Like the inflatable sports climbing wall.

inflatable-water-toys-are-included-in-the-water-games-2 inflatable-water-toys-are-included-in-the-water-games-1

3.For kids bumper boat with two sorts.One is normal bumper boat,another is animal bumper boat.

paddle-boat-2 paddle-boat-1

4.Water toys inflatable seesaw is a funny game for two persons playing.

inflatable seesaw seesaw-1

5.Inflatable water gyro,its also called water UFO.


6.Inflatable banana boat with two tubes or three tubes for different quantity persons.

flying-fish-1 flying-fish-2

7.The paddle boat is also for children.

inflatable-water-toys-2 inflatable-water-toys-1

8.With inflatable water pillow,water parks is your bed.

inflatable water toys are included in the water games

9.Inflatable water buoys,connection together for the external fence.

inflatable-tube-1 inflatable water toys

10.Inflatable trampoline,jumping and bouncing.

trampoline-1 inflatable water games

Inflatable water parks can be combined into different shapes,like rectangle, square, triangular, round ect.Also,customer design can be provided if needed.


water-toys-4 water-toys-3


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And the vedio we built the first and largest inflatable water park in U.A.E(Dubai).