Inflatable water roller safety management and precautions

Inflatable water roller can also be called water walking tube, water fitness tube, etc. It belongs to a kind of amusement equipment and is widely used in children’s playgrounds, parks, scenic spots and other places, it is suitable for open and relatively calm waters.

inflatable water roller

Regardless of any amusement equipment, security is a top priority. The inflatable water roller is made of thickened high-strength transparent film-coated PVC material, which effectively avoids the problem of hydrolysis and rapid oxidation of general materials, and meets European requirements and environmental protection standards.
Standard size is 3m or 2.8m length, size color can be customized, logo printing available if needed.

The three-chamber design completely solves the problem that the curved closed-type water roller is easy to roll over when entering multiple tourists at the same time. If any air chamber leaks, the inflatable water roller will not sink and the visitors are very safe. The water roller is only inflated once and the sides are completely ventilated and breathable.

Where is the inflatable water roller suitable for operation?
Suitable for public entertainment venues such as squares, parks, swimming pools, attractions or large supermarkets, with a water depth of not less than 35 cm.

What should I pay attention to when playing the inflatable water roller?
1. Visitors are required to wear special shoe covers and do not carry sharp hard objects to play this product. During use, avoid sharp and hard objects to pierce the product;
2, visitors must wear a life jacket to play, the operator needs to buckle the protective safety belt, visitors can start to play;
3, high blood pressure, heart disease, alcoholics are not suitable for playing this product;
4. Each water roller should not exceed 2 people per play;
5, visitors up and down, should be at the special steps, the water roller should not stop at other places.

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