Inflatable water park necessary rescue equipment

With the arrival of primary and secondary school students summer vacation, inflatable water parks everywhere significantly increased passenger flow! Facing the sudden increase of tourists, investors must not panic, must strengthen security management to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, so as to continue to make profits! Below VANCEN factory want to introduce to everybody is a few kinds of inflatable water park necessary rescue equipment, see your water park achieved it or not?

inflatable water park rescue equipment 1

1.Swimming circle
The swimming circle is our common rescue equipment, because of its low price, and there are a variety of styles, so tourists will generally bring their own. Children, in particular, are much likely to be exposed to danger than adults, so it is recommended that they be prepared to wear a swim ring that fits their body shape before they enter the water.

2. Life jacket
Some kids come to inflatable water parks not just to play, but to practice swimming! Tourists like this usually choose to experience the deep water. Therefore, for the safety of children, investors need to equip the deep-water areas with some common life-saving products, such as life jackets! Life jackets are much more protective than swim circle. Besides, the buoyancy of lifejackets is also very great, which is also beneficial for children to learn swimming, so that children can master swimming skills faster!

3, Lifesaving personnel
Professional rescue personnel’s equipment are very important for a mobile water park indispensable! For the safety of tourists, investors need a certain number of lifeguards at each pool! And these rescue workers need to wear conspicuous uniform clothes, in case tourists are in danger of the first time to rescue!

4, Lifesaving rod
Lifesaving rod is the rescue equipment that lifeguards often use in emergency rescue for tourists, so the safety operation of the park can not be separated from it!

5, rescue ladder
Lifesaving ladder is a portable escalator which can be placed in all parts of the pool at any time. As the edge of the deep water area is generally high, it is not easy to rescue tourists from the pool, so the rescue ladder will be used.

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