How to get the exact inflatable water amusement park price from manufacturer?

For investors in inflatable water amusement park projects, price is undoubtedly the biggest concern. Now, on a few price questions common to investors for you to make detailed answers, I hope you in the next investment road no longer confused!

inflatable water amusement park

1, Why do manufacturers delay to quote specific prices

Many investors who have just been exposed to the inflatable water amusement park project will encounter this phenomenon: the first thing to say to the manufacturer on the phone is, how much does it cost to invest in the inflatable water park project? But wait for a telephone to hang to discover all problem understood clear, only inflatable water park investment price problem did not make clear, get manufacturer clerk an ambiguous approximate price only. As a result, a lot of investors began to doubt the sincerity of manufacturers!
In fact, for the price of the inflatable water amusement park project, it is not that the manufacturer doesn’t want to give an exact quotation, but that the inflatable water park is a customized product, which needs to be planned according to the actual situation of the investor’s site, so as to recommend the type of water park suitable for the investor. Therefore, in the absence of some exact data, the manufacturer is unable to give a certain price.
After all, it doesn’t same as clothes, no matter big size or small size has the regulation price! Therefore, as an inflatable water amusement park investors still need to have some patience, to wait for the manufacturer’s accurate quotation!

2, When can get the specific quotation from the manufacturer

The price of investing in an inflatable water amusement park consists of multiple parts. The price of the inflatable swimming pool, the price of floating inflatable games, the price of inflatable slide and the price of ancillary equipment, etc. When both parties finalize the final design renderings, the equipment included in the list will be clear at a glance, and will naturally give investors a specific price!

3, What if the final manufacturer’s quotation exceeds the budget?

Some customers are worried that it will take them so long to make a firm offer. What if they don’t have enough budget?
In fact, these investors do not have to worry about, in the beginning investors can be their minds of the budget told manufacturers, then manufacturers will be designed according to the budget. If the end result is over budget, you can adjust the number of games and some small toys.

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