How should the inflatable tents be properly maintained?

inflatable tnts

How should the inflatable tents be properly maintained? First of all, let’s see what features the inflatable tents have: Portability, hydrostatic pressure≥50kpa, inflation pressure 20 kpa, three proofings and flame retardants. The inflatable tents are made by high – strength PVC tarpaulin, the using temperature is -20 degrees to 50 degrees.

inflatable tents

So the large outdoor inflatable tents should try to keep dry and pick out the flat camps in the field, remove the protuberances from the camps as much as possible, to prevent the tent from being damaged by sharp objects on the ground. After the end of the field trip or event, if the inflatable tents is a little dirty gently rinse with cold water, do not use chemical lotion or wash it hard, so do damage to the surface of the fabric waterproof membrane to reduce the waterproof effect of the inflatable tent. The details of the specific operation are as follows:

First, after the inflatable tents is used, the dust and the attachments should be cleaned in time, and the water and gas of the two sides of the fabric should be wiped off, and then folded and stored.

Second, after the inflatable tent is completely dried and folded, try not to put other items on the tent, so as not to cause the permanent fatigue and degumming of the waterproof glue bar.

Third, take out the tent on a regular or irregular basis for a long time, and then fold and store it again.

Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of inflatable tent.

Warm reminder: inflatable tent moldy will damage its water resistance, if found signs of moldy, you can sponge with a little detergent to gently wipe out mildew.
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