How to set up the inflatable pool in outdoor.

No matter the age, children and adults alike can find relief from the summer heat with an inflatable Swimming pool. Unlike permanent above ground or in ground swimming pools, inflatable Swimming pools are temporary, easy to set up, and relatively inexpensive. So when we need to set up the inflatable Swimming pool in outdoor, how should we do?

inflatable swimming pool

1, Locate an area where the outdoor pool will be installed. The area should be level,and clear of rocks, stones, tree branches, twigs, and anything else that’s sharp enough to puncture the outdoor inflatable Swimming pool. If necessary, use a rake or a broom to clear the area where the inflatable pool will be located. Also, avoid placing the inflatable pool under a tree.

2, Place a tarp on the ground where the outdoor inflatable Swimming pool will be located. The tarp should be larger than the pool. The extra tarp area around the outdoor inflatable Swimming pool will become a border area; this will allow people to wipe off their feet or place their swim shoes before getting in the pool.

3, Lay the inflatable pool down on top of the tarp. Stretch out the inner liner so it is flat and smooth. Walk around the inflatable pool to ensure there is equal distance from all sides.

4, Begin filling the outdoor inflatable pool with water. Once the inside pool bottom is covered with a small layer of water, turn off the hose and walk around the inside of the inflatable pool. Make sure the bottom of the pool is smooth and stretched out. Continue filling the inflatable pool with water.

Then we completed the installation of a simple inflatable swimming pool.

inflatable pool

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