Is the inflatable pool park a big investment?

The inflatable pool park is a parent-child amusement place, and it in China National Day festival is on fire again! So the inflatable pool park is once again the darling of the investment world. Many novice investors have this question: is the inflatable pool park a big investment?

inflatable pool park

To this, Guangzhou VANCEN company is very clear to tell everybody, inflatable pool park investment can be big or small. It’s like an investment in the restaurant industry. If you just set up a roadside stall, naturally a few thousand dollars will be enough. If you want to open a big hotel, it means tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

Same with the inflatable pool park! If only do a dozens of square meters inflatable pool park, the internal equipment will not be too much, tens of thousands of dollars is enough! But if the investor wants to do bigger, several hundred even is several thousand even the square field, naturally also means the equipment or increase, the input will increase!

It can be seen that there is no fixed amount of investment in the inflatable water park. Investment funds can be big or small! Investors need to make decisions based on their own reality. If there is only have roadside stalls scale capital, even if there is the idea of opening a big restaurant, there is not enough capital to support it, it is impossible to achieve. So investors must invest according to their own situation.

So many people have the question, is it better to put in more money than less? Actually this is not certain!

Here again, take the restaurant industry as example. Set up a roadside stall, the investment may be several thousand dollars, if the proper operation, a day may be thousands or even tens of thousands of income; Open a big hotel, input several hundred thousand, if economic benefit is bad, do not say profit, return the condition that possibly appears loss even. So it’s not that the bigger the investment, the better the return. Similarly, it’s not that small inflatable water parks don’t make money. Large inflatable water parks do. Much depends on whether investors play their CARDS right.

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