Inflatable Games Inject Your Party More Fun

Inflatable Games to Play on a Party

Nowadays, Inflatable games are more and more popular. Inflatables are ideal for portable amusements because they are easy to transport and store. Otherwise, it is also green environment-friendly. Inflatable games are not only fun but also safe for both adults and kids, and they will have a great time to inject the party more 

So have you ever consider to have more fun in the party? Here are some inflatable games, some are traditional, some are creative. You can even make your own ideas.

Inflatable Bouncy Castle

inflatable games inflatable bouncy castle

Inflatable bouncy castle is the most common inflatable in all of the inflatable products. However, it is also the most popular, particularly with kids. Those bounce games through turn, roll, climb, shake, shake, jump, drill and other novel activities to make kids exercise and are favorable for their health.

Inflatable Slide / Water Slide

inflatable water slide inflatable games

Inflatable water slide can be smaller than ones in amusement parks, so that it’s able to place in your backyard. Pump the slide by blowers and connect to garden tap through hose, then you and your friends start to enjoy the slippery sliding funs.

Inflatable Gladiator Joust

Inflatable Gladiator Joust

This inflatable gladiator joust is a competitive game pits two Gladiators doing battle against each other atop inflatable pedestals in an inflatable arena. Even if you fall, there will be a soft and safe landing. Cheering for the player you support! To see who can keep standing the longest!

Sumo Suit

sumo suits vancen

Sumo suits wrestling game provides a splendid way to laugh away an evening with family, friends, or colleagues. It is a great ideal for events, parties and other activities. Not only is it amazing to play yourself, it’s also great fun to watch as a bystander. Cheering for your favorite players!

Inflatable Bubble Bowling

inflatable bubble bowling ball

You are safe inside your own protective inflatable bubble ball! You can be rolled on the ground and used as a bowling ball. Enjoy with your friends, the giant inflatable bubble bowling will be a hit at every party!


Inflatable wrecking ball…

Inflatable large twist…



There are many of inflatable games waiting for you to discover! Let’s explore together!