Inflatable Bounce House, How to choose Bounce House?

How to choose Bouncy castle?

When shopping for inflatable bouncers, most people are primarily concerned about safety. No one wants to buy a inflatable bounce house that will cause injuries. Because inflatable bounce houses tend to be fairly expensive, shoppers usually want them to stand the test of time. In addition to being safe and durable, the best inflatable bouncers are affordable. Finding a safe, affordable, durable bounce house is easy. The trick is to make the right considerations when shopping for one.

Inflatable bounce house

1. Set a Budget
It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for an inflatable bouncer. There are so many neat features that people often spend way more than they should. With that in mind, set a firm budget before shopping for one in earnest. Even if the budget is pretty tight, it should be possible to find a well-designed, durable inflatable bounce house.

2. Know the Difference Between Commercial Inflatable Bouncers and Residential Inflatable Bouncers
Some inflatable bounce houses are designed for commercial use while others are designed for residential use. The main difference is that commercial inflatable bounce houses are strong enough to withstand hours of use on a nearly daily basis. Residential inflatable bouncers, on the other hand, are designed for less frequent use. Commercial models are a lot stronger, but they are also a lot more expensive.

3. Keep Materials in Mind
The easiest way to assess the overall quality of an inflatable bouncer is by considering the materials out of which it is made. The best bounce houses are made out of 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin. The vast majority of residential models are made out of woven oxford cloth, which has the added benefit of being very lightweight. PVC tarpaulin is used almost exclusively on commercial models. It’s very heavy, so inflatable bounce houses that are made out of it are more difficult to manage.

4. Consider Craftsmanship
If one thing’s for sure, it’s that inflatable bouncers endure a lot of abuse. In addition to being made out of strong materials like PVC tarpaulin and woven oxford cloth, the best bounce houses feature exceptional craftsmanship. To stand the test of time, a bounce house should feature double, triple, or quadruple stitching. Otherwise, it could easily come apart at the seams. The material should also have a balanced weave, which will make the inflatable bouncer a lot stronger. When the weave isn’t balanced, some areas will be prone to breakage and may rip or tear after only a small amount of use.

5. Weight and Capacity Matter Too
Whether a bounce house is primarily going to be used indoors or outdoors, it shouldn’t be so heavy and bulky that it’s difficult to manage. If so, no one will ever want to set it up, and it will just gather dust. Always check the total weight of an inflatable bouncer before buying it. It’s crucial to check the total capacity of a bounce house before buying it. How many children will use it at once? How much does each child weigh? Do the math to determine the capacity that the bounce house will have to handle. While shopping for bounce houses, cross off models whose capacities are too low. Maximum capacity is listed in terms of weight, so it’s easy to check whether a bounce house is strong enough or not.

6. Look for a Bounce House with Continually Flowing Air
The majority of the bounce houses that are on the market today include air pumps that continually push air through them. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Most notably, it allows air to escape from the seams of the inflatable bouncer while it’s being used, which dramatically decreases the risk of tears and other damages. As long as air continually flows, the inflatable bounce house will stay inflated as long as necessary.

7. Consider the Size of an Inflatable Bouncer
Nothing is more disappointing than buying an inflatable bouncer and discovering that it’s the wrong size. If there’s a limited amount of space, make sure to take measurements and double-check before buying a inflatable bounce house. Similarly, a inflatable bounce house should be large enough to accommodate the right number of children. Most listings include the interior measurements of a inflatable bounce house as well, so be sure to check.

8. Check for Compatible Outlets
Another issue that people sometimes run into when using inflatable bounce house is that they don’t have the right kinds of outlets where they need them. This is an especially common problem when using inflatable bouncers indoors. Standard wall outlets aren’t always compatible with inflatable bouncers. Find out which kind of outlet a inflatable bounce house needs before buying it to avoid this problem.

9. Make Sure There’s a Warranty
When buying a brand-new bounce house, it’s smart to make sure that there’s a decent warranty. In many cases, the warranties on these structures are very limited. It’s sometimes possible to purchase extended warranties. If the inflatable bouncer will be used regularly, it may be worth it to do so.

10. Extra Features to Consider when Buying an Inflatable Bouncer
Basic inflatable bouncers have one entrance and one main feature. There are more elaborate models that include a variety of extra features too. Not surprisingly, models that have extra features tend to cost more.

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