How does the inflatable bouncy castle work?

If you’ve never rented or bought an or experienced an inflatable bouncy castle, you might be curious how does it work. You may know it’s inflatable, but how can it keep working like this?
First of all, materials are important. The material used to make commercial and safe inflatable castles is called PVC tarpaulin, which is soft and strong, we can use it to make many kinds of commercial inflatable products, all of our PVC tarpaulin have SGS certificate.

inflatable bouncy castle
So how do we make an inflatable castle look like a house, a castle, or something? The secret is in the inflatable castle. We use soft pullers to hold one end to the other, and each inflatable castle has a lot of pullers inside, so that the whole structure is not deformed by air.
For the rest parts, will cutting with sophisticated machines and stitching, skilled workers can make the inflatable bouncy castle more beautiful and perfect.
If you are an amusement park investor, you should visit the manufacturer’s factory to see the actual process. For us, Vancen Industrial Limited Welcomes your visit anytime.

Inflatable bouncy castle is a kind of inflatable amusement equipment with the appearance of castle, which is made of materials with characteristics of environmental protection, softness and so on. Because of its lovely, unique style is deeply loved by children. Also called: inflatable castle, children’s castle, inflatable bouncer, etc.

It also have a kind of big inflatable bouncy castle which have many function, by turning, rolling, climbing, rocking, swinging, jumping, drilling and other novel activities, the players achieve the purpose of developing intelligence, exercising the body, and pleasing the body and mind. This product is very popular in adult children, safe and reliable, simple management, easy maintenance.

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