Why we don’t recommand to buy second-hand inflatable amusement park equipment?

inflatable long tunnel slide

Inflatable amusement park equipment as a contemporary sunrise industry, more and more investors want to join in! In order to save investment cost, many investors will choose to buy some second-hand equipment. As a professional manufacturer, people are not recommended to buy second-hand inflatable amusement park equipment. Why?

Firstly, an investor suddenly wants to handle the inflatable amusement park equipment changes hands, among them affirmation is a reason! Is the style old, want to change new style to increase more popularity? Or is business bad? Or is there something wrong with the equipment? Whatever the reason, investors who want to buy used equipment must first figure it out and see if it’s worth taking over!

In fact, sometimes if the investors are really worried about the investment problem, then can go to the formal manufacturers to buy a small new inflatable amusement park equipment, slowly expand the business, which will be easier to operate. Generally speaking, the style that manufacturer is pushing is new-style, it is the market sales volume is better, echo is better design, because this time investor manages rise also can be handy!

Secondly, after all, the second-hand inflatable amusement park equipment has been used for some years, and some problems will inevitably appear in the operation process, so investors have to consider the after-sales problems.

Normal manufacturer is right equipment maintenance is to have time limit commonly, but if they resell it, then if the manufacturer will continue to guarantee the equipment is not certain, estimation is repaired, also want to collect certain fee!

Then there is safety. In the entertainment industry, safety is of the utmost importance. If the quality problem of second-hand equipment caused the occurrence of amusement accident, the consequence will be unimaginable!

Therefore, to sum up, we do not recommend people to buy second-hand amusement equipment!

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