How to fix the inflatable moonwalk when it is damaged?

inflatable moonwalk

The inflatable moonwalk, also called the inflatable bouncer,bouncy castle etc., is a kind of amusement equipment designed for children. It uses a relatively environmentally friendly, relatively soft 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin making, and the blower keeps blowing to keep the shape of the product for children to play. Because its main user is a child, it will inevitably be damaged. So, how do we fix the inflatable castle when it is damaged?

inflatable moonwalk

First of all, each product has its useful life. The inflatable moonwalk is no exception. In order to ensure its useful life, you can’t let too many children play on it at the same time. Otherwise, too many children may damage the inflatable moonwalk because the pressure is too big.

Secondly, in order to be beautiful and attractive, there will be some small decorations on the inflatable moonwalk. These small decorations are likely to attract children’s attention. They will tear the bouncer to get these beautiful gadgets. In order to avoid this situation, parents have to pay more attention to their children.

Children playing in the inflatable moonwalk, maybe they will scribble and damage it. As a parents, check the children before playing on the bouncer to see if there is anything that may damage the bouncer. And cut out the child’s fingernails in advance will better.

inflatable moonwalk

Finally, if the inflatable moonwalk was damaged, can using auxiliary cloth and special glue to fix the damage place, then can continue to use; if the damage is particularly serious, the staff can not repair it, you can contact the manufacturers, to use of professional methods to solve the problem.

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