How to Find and Repair a Leak In Inflatables

Find a Leak In Inflatables Products

The inflatables products always bring lots of fun for kids and adults, such some inflatable games like inflatable slide, inflatable bouncer, inflatable bubble ball,etc. It is more and more popular now. Most of inflatables are made by very durable PVC tarpaulin which is water proof and fire resistance. But sometime if there has a deflated inflatable stuff but we would find it’s headache to figure out where exactly the tiny leak point is, and not to mention more leak holes. 

repair kits of inflatables products-inflatable slide

Confirm where the hole is in the inflatables first. If it’s a small tear, it may be hard to find. The most effective method to easily find the hole is to spray the deflated area with soapy water. Then reinflate the inflatables prodcuts and look for any unusual bubbles pop out. You can use laundry or dish detergent to make that foams.

There also has another way like: it will be feeble wind come out from the leaks, so holding a single layer napkin and slowly move around the inflatable until you see some movement of the napkin. Of course make sure you do it indoor or outdoor without any winds. It takes time, but it could be work. You can replace the napkin to other thin and light stuff, such as newspaper, toilet paper, silk cloth etc. If you are confidence with your hands, use them.

If you have a super large inflatable slide or something like that, you can’t do it alone. This is the part which you ask for your family and friends help. The more people work together, the sooner and higher possibility to find all leaks.


Start to repair the leak hole

1) Make sure the area around the hole is dry before repairing it. Mark the hole by placing four strips of masking tape around it, making a small square.

2) Using a needle and strong thread to sew up the hole. The majority of inflatables products come with a repair kit that may include thread, a patch and glue. You can purchase a repair kit at most stores that sell inflatables.

3) Patch the area. The patch should be a least a half inch bigger than the tear. Spread a small amount of glue around the surface and attach the patch to the newly sewn hole.

4) Allow time for the patch to dry. Do not leave the inflatable outside at night; a small amount of rain or dew could disrupt the drying of the glue. If the patch fails when you try inflating the water slide again, send the slide to a professional to be repaired.


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  1. william isecke says:

    air mattress with a slow leak is a big problem. It is hard to find the leak. if it takes several hours to deflate you will not find the leak the way you suggest. I have tried all of those ways without success. what else can I do? Perhaps a microphone with a special adapter to be able to hear ultrasonic noise from the leak?
    What do you think?

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