Development Prospect of Removable Water Park Market

The Removable Water Park Market – A Huge Wealth Gold ORE(Profit Opportunities)

Creature originated in the sea, people love water in nature. The water leisure is rooted in each person’s heart. In China, every year the number of swimmers is about 1 billion or more, but just over ten thousand swimming pools and leisure water parks are available, and most are old and needed renovation and development of new water fun facilities, also the water is polluted seriously nowadays.

Water leisure project is being so popular in China and anywhere else. It is obvious that water fun market is in short supply. But why people don’t invest money to build up more. The industry believes that there are main three reasons: large investment, high maintenance costs and many difficulties to find the construction land. Therefore, it is only a few investors have a huge capital investment in major water park in big city, but the investors in the second and third tier cities, they are hard to set foot in this huge market.

Development Prospect of Removable Water Park Market

The increasing per capital GDP and the stronger consumer demand bring you the opportunities to develop the water leisure projects. Today Vancen removable eater park gives the solution.

The feature of Vancen removable water park(frame pool park / above ground pool park) is low investment, no excavation area, convenient disassemble, easily maintaining, conserve water and if no use in winter, just can be packaged in inventory. In addition, compared with the traditional swimming pool, Vancen removable water park is a combination management expertise model of removable water carnival, which is integrated with the function of swimming laps, swimming course, dining and entertainment, waterside reaction, TV shows of water breakthrough game, commercial activities and the show field. Therefore, it ensure that the maximize return to the investment of venue operators.

swimming pool park metal frame pool

above ground pool park frame pool park

In accordance with the production design of 5 years super long service life, the full import high quality removable-style swimming pool guarantees high yields in sustained multiyears to investors. Compared with the billions dollars investment theme park and the traditional swimming pool product has the following prominent advantages:

Cost Effective

The price is just about one-third of a traditional swimming pool.

Easy to Install

Easy daily use and maintenance will greatly cut the operating cost of the year comparing with traditional swimming pool. Besides, this new style pool can resist extreme external force, which is beyond imagination. Unexpected sever damages can also be fixed in minutes. With unique design, it can be easily assembled and disassembled. For example, it takes only a few hours to install a 25m*25m standard pool.

Water purification

Supported with the sand filters pump equipment, water clarity can be realized by water purification filters through continuous circulation, once filtration of entire pool in each few hours, supplemented by manual cleaning and professional water quality management.

Easy to maintain

Assemble in business; disassemble to store in warehouse out of business, which greatly saves land resources. No land grants and land-occupation, only being required city squares, parks, stadiums, exhibition halls, rural-urban fringed space and all such indoor and outdoor space, worlds of laughter and fully-equipped mobile water world will be miraculously built.

Long use life

The removable pool through 20 years production, research and operating, it’s highly matured and refined product series. We insist high standard, high quality from design, technique, material, production and set up etc. to ensure the lifetime of removable pool to 5 years.


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