inflatable tnts

How should the inflatable tents be properly maintained?

How should the inflatable tents be properly maintained? First of all, let’s see what features the inflatable tents have: Portability, hydrostatic pressure≥50kpa, inflation pressure 20 kpa, three proofings and flame retardants. The inflatable tents are made by high – strength PVC tarpaulin, the using temperature is -20 degrees to 50 degrees. So the large outdoor […]

Inflatable obstacle course

Inflatable obstacle course’s benefits to children

Almost all amusement parks are equipped with inflatable obstacle course, especially for some large indoor amusement parks, which are undoubtedly favored by children, and they are also better able to exercise kids sports energy and make children healthier and smarter. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of inflatable obstacle course to children. First, […]


House of bounce business safety advice and operation little skill

Sometimes we see some news about inflatable house of bounce being blown over and causing injuries to children. Whenever we see these news, we will be very painfully. The house of bounce was originally designed to bring laughter and joy to children. However, some manufacturers do not have the relevant production qualification and production conditions.And […]


The difference between the price of the inflatable castle

Inflatable products, with the increasing market demand, have increased many kinds of children inflatable and inflatable products manufacturers. The product has developed from the simplest inflatable castle and inflatable slide, and now there are lots of novelty inflatable games. Increasing manufacturers and increasing the style of inflatable products is a good thing for many investors […]


Inflatable advertising and Inflatable cartoon model, useful tool for marketing activities

Inflatable advertising has always been welcomed and loved by businesses. important holidays many businesses will put some of the unique shape of the inflatable advertising to attract consumers, then today, we look at the inflatable advertising in the marketing status. 1, advertising mode can attract the attention of consumers Use the image of creative inflatable […]

inflatable games manufacturer

High quality inflatable games manufacturer, Vancen Factory.

1, As inflatable games manufacturer, all inflatables specifications can be customized according to customer requirements to ensure the balance of the force when the product is used. The material is the best PVC tarpaulin, and all materials are certified by SGS safety. 2, Guardrail, protective net can be expanded and changed according to customer requirements. […]