The same bouncer house with different price, is this phenomenon normal?

The price is a factor that everyone is very concerned of when buying a bouncer house.
Different prices are normal, but the same model but price is different. Is this kind of situation normal?

Actually it is normal to have such a situation. The reason is with the development of the Internet, large and small manufacturers have begun to promote their products through the Internet, which is convenient for purchasing, but also makes everyone dazzled. I often encounter customers who have sent pictures on the Internet to ask questions. “You and the other manufacturers produce the same, why are the prices different?” The reason why customers have such questions is actually because of the “hazy sense” that the Internet brings to products.

Imagine if it is correct that the customer said “you and the other manufacturer are the same”, then the high-priced manufacturers are not without business? Who would be willing to pay the high price for the same bouncer house?

The customer searches the network for the “same” bouncer house that they see, but it just the pictures are the same or similar. If you can see the real thing, you will understand the difference.

Therefore, when choosing a bouncer house, you should polish your eyes and shop around. You can’t choose some small manufacturers because their cheapness price. Some of them even the production patents are not available. They all only imitate the appearance of other manufacturers, and the technology is not enough. 
It is necessary to choose a manufacturer with many years of production experience, good reputation and good service, so that the quality of the bouncer house produced can be guaranteed.

The market have inclusive, it allows manufacturers with different research and development capabilities and uneven product quality to exist to facilitate the realization of different needs; but at the same time the market is also strict, it will eliminate the use of poor quality, fake , shoddy manufacturers.

If we want to develop the scale of our business, we need to rely on honesty and management, and our customers are both a trading relationship and a mutually beneficial cooperation.

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