Note! The following questions should take care when operating bounce house

One of the advantages of inflatable bounce house is that it is easy to move, so many operators choose to operate it outdoors. Outdoor operation saves the cost of renting the site and is eye-catching, but the outdoor venue is also susceptible to the surrounding environment. There are more uncertain factors, so you need to carefully check the site before each operation, and clean up those glass, wires, gravel and other debris are cleaned, so that children can be spared from the feet, and prevent to break the toy.

One of the common problem about inflatable toys is that they are very affected by the wind, so we designed a number of windproof measures for the inflatable bounce house. These measures, whether they have winds at the time or not, can play a role in preventing wind, but also increase stability and provide a greater protection for children. However, in actual operation, not all operators do these measures. Some of them use windproof nails instead of one stone, and some do not tie ropes. The reason is that the weather is good or it is forgotten. These are usually not done, and once an accident occurs, they can only regret it.

Regular inspections and cleaning work of the inflatable bounce house are also required. For example, after the fan has been working for a long time, the equipment is aging, the dust is sucked into the fan, and the screws are loose. These inspections seem cumbersome, but they only take a few minutes at a time. It just takes a few minutes to get it, why not do it well?

When operating inflatable bounce house, controlling the number of people playing on the castle, the operators can’t let the children go to play without restrictions. Because the castle has limited capacity, too many children can easily damage the castle, and the children are too likely to be crowded and difficult to manage. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the size of the castle to control the passenger flow.

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