Inflatable aquatic paradise equipment update is important!

Inflatable aquatic paradise as a hot summer super popular project, every summer is very, almost every park site will appear “full capacity” status, so that every investor earn a full! However, with the increasing number of competitors, it is particularly important to update the equipment of the inflatable aquatic paradise to ensure the safety of the […]


Inflatable water park necessary rescue equipment

With the arrival of primary and secondary school students summer vacation, inflatable water parks everywhere significantly increased passenger flow! Facing the sudden increase of tourists, investors must not panic, must strengthen security management to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, so as to continue to make profits! Below VANCEN factory want to introduce to everybody […]

inflatable tnts

How should the inflatable tents be properly maintained?

How should the inflatable tents be properly maintained? First of all, let’s see what features the inflatable tents have: Portability, hydrostatic pressure≥50kpa, inflation pressure 20 kpa, three proofings and flame retardants. The inflatable tents are made by high – strength PVC tarpaulin, the using temperature is -20 degrees to 50 degrees. So the large outdoor […]

Inflatable obstacle course

Inflatable obstacle course’s benefits to children

Almost all amusement parks are equipped with inflatable obstacle course, especially for some large indoor amusement parks, which are undoubtedly favored by children, and they are also better able to exercise kids sports energy and make children healthier and smarter. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of inflatable obstacle course to children. First, […]