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  • Blower


    1.POWER: 1100W ( Price:120$) less than 16 Square meters. 1500W ( Price :130$) more than 16 Square meters.

    2.Our products price incl 1 pcs 1100W / 1500 W blower. Customer can purchase an extra blower if need it.

  • Air Pump


    1. POWER : 800w ( Price : 40$ / PC )

    2. Our products price incl 1 pcs 800W air pump . Customer can purchase an extra air pump if need it.

  • Locking Valve


    1. Material: POM

    2. Use in airtight welding product.

    3.Special valves that cannot be opened during use.

  • Reinforced welded seams


    1.Material: 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin

    2.Trait: A-Product quality reinforcement.

    B-Prevent products using from bursting for long periods of time.
    C-Prevent air leakage when the product is use.
    D-Products warranty increased by one year.
    E-More profitable for the customer's business

  • Color Card


    1. We accept Color / Size / Logo customized etc.

    2. Material :PVC tarpaulin.

    3. Thickness : 0.4mm / 0.55mm/0.6mm /0.8mm /0.9mm

    4. Aqua park : 0.9mm

    5. Water slide :0.55mm

    6. Swimming pool: 0.9mm

  • Achore Rope


    1.14mm diameter, 100m/roll

    2.Commercial level anchors the connection points.

  • D-Ring (Anchor Plate)


    1. Material: stainless steel

    2. Size: around 20CM

    3.Trait: No rust;soak in water, no corrosion;long-term usage.

  • Velcro


    1.Material :Nylon

    2.Effect: Connecting two products

    3.Warranty : Two years

    4.Width : 5 cm or 10 cm

  • Inside Connection


    1.Material: 0.4mm PVC

    2.Trait: The quality is better than Oxford cloth;long warranty & durability;not easy broken when it meet high temperature.

  • Bungee Cord


    1. Size: 15mm diameter, 1.2m L

    2.Position the combination in the water.Connect the bungee cords to the Connection belt at the attachment point at the edge of the pool.Pull on the strap until it is sufficient tension has to position the bungee cords to keep

    • Carrying /Climbing Handle

      specially designed to avoid any risk of entrainment.

    • Connection Strape

      Connecting belt in the water to fix the product.

    • Valve Screw

    • Steel file and brush for repair purpose